Complete your decorations with eye-catching Balloons.

"Ooooh, we LOVE the Balloons". Attention-grabbing balloon art really gets your guests into the spirit and exceptionally transform any space.

And we use only Certified Balloon Artists so that you will always be provided with quality, professional balloon designs.

Convert any space from plain to festive in minutes.

Balloon art is an economical yet versatile decoration that when applied strategically can have a stimulating impact on your guests and let them know that they have entered party area!

Use indoors or out.  Adorn the back of a chair, deck out a table with colorful centerpieces, emphasize interest points or just scatter on the floor.   Get more extravagant with giant arches or entry ways, photo backdrops or flamboyant designs.

Balloon_Fishes_trade_show_PS.png (1167015 bytes)

The word "anything" to describe what you can create with balloons falls a little short... it's is more like "everything"!

From small to just plain big, animals or people,  objects or structures - balloons will deliver... the only limitation is your imagination!!  If you can think it, we can produce it in balloons.  Our certified balloon artists guarantee creatively and expertly-crafted balloon art employing the latest materials and techniques.

The possibilities are endless with creative and versatile balloons..
(indoors or out, with or without lighting)
(like Walls or Shapes)
Table Centerpieces
(with or without lighting)
(like nutcrackers, santas, people, animals, plants)
Large Floating Globe Balloons
(from various points of interest)
(topped with objects, with or without lighting)
Balloon Drops
(small or large)

Letters or Wording


Top Client Pick Overall: ARCHES

Make a Dramatic Statement

There are a limited number of budget-friendly options for decorating high areas or ceilings with the exception of BALLOONS!  Balloon ceiling arches are a top pick do to their Low Cost, Ease of Use, Versatility and Visible Appearance.

Arches do wonders for any space especially venues with less aesthetic appeal.  Venues with grand ceilings can also benefit from arches as they will fill up the space.  However you choose to apply balloon arches be sure that they will offer a splendid ambiance with a touch of fun!


Balloon_Arches_X_Cessna06_Web_PShop.png (783699 bytes)

Balloon arches typically start at a low $1 per foot for 'string of pearl' arches (pictured); a broad arch (full-pack) is also available.  Can be placed in a criss-cross (zig zag), a starburst, an "X" or a sequential side by side design.

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Pictured below are a few examples of some of our work.  We can complete nearly any design that you may have in mind and have thousands of manufacturer's ideas for you to view.

String of Pearl Arches

Window Arches can really dress up large windows! wpe18.jpg (33302 bytes) wpe1.jpg (39345 bytes)
wpe2F.jpg (41143 bytes) wpe12.jpg (24299 bytes) Scotch_Banquet_Room_Inside_PShop.png (727443 bytes) wpe10.jpg (32629 bytes)

Balloon_Arches_Outside_york_PS.png (477523 bytes)

Entry Arches

wpe26.jpg (22676 bytes) wpeA.jpg (31437 bytes) wpe3.jpg (39707 bytes) wpe10.jpg (32175 bytes)


wpe2C.jpg (37560 bytes)
Column_V_with_Lighted_Globe_PS.png (634447 bytes) Column_V_with_Lighted_Globe2_PS.png (364202 bytes)

Objects & Characters

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Custom balloon art available - you name it, we'll provide it!  Freestanding custom balloon art is created using a metal frame that is typically shaped by the balloon artist.  Just let us know what you want to do - if you have a drawing or photo, chances are we can create a balloon design to match it! 


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wpe17.jpg (31336 bytes) wpe3A.jpg (15159 bytes)
Balloons_Casino_Foil_and_other_PS.png (174495 bytes)

Try the large 30" mylar 'Slot Machine' and 'Colossal Card' balloons around the room at various points of interest or cap off freestanding props or structures. A great addition to centerpieces or atop an entryway.  The 20" mylar Chip Balloons are also a great add-on to your centerpieces and the 18" Dice are just the thing to float near the ceiling around your hall.  11" Casino Print Balloons can be used in all your balloon art such as Arches, Entryways, Columns or Centerpieces.

Balloon_Casino_Arch_FW.png (1321598 bytes)

We can coordinate your Balloons around your specific theme. 

Your jaw will hit the floor while your imagination hits the sky when you see some of the examples that we have to show you.  We have invested much research and have taken the time to stay up to date with the industry and will only recommend the newest and most elaborate designs from a thrifty perspective.

We work directly with the manufacturer to bring you the most extensive selection of balloon styles.  There are thousands of colors, and patterns available to compliment any theme.



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Please Contact Us or Request a Quote and we will respond to you ASAP.  We will begin your theme design project with comprehensive research.  We will concentrate our results into a page here on our website and will email you a link to the specific themed page.  We will then send you an itemized quote with  breakdown of all our suggestions so you can pick and choose what works best for you!

Typically our theme design packages will begin with large key props in conjunction with complimenting items such as ceiling or wall dressings, table decorations and costumed staff members depending on your requests and the available space.  Your own imagination is the only limitation to other great ideas!


Theme Ideas List:

Roaring 20's
American/ Patriotic
Anniversary/ Wedding
Art Deco
Big City
Fabric Dressings
Far East
Garden/ Park
Get Well
Love & Affection
Mardi Gras
Mexico/ Fiesta
Special Occasion
Spring Fling
St. Patrick's
Stars (shapes, not Hollywood)
Thanksgiving/ Fall
Theme Colors
Turn of the Century
Wharf/ Beach
Winter Wonderland

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