Lively, Highly-skilled Dealers:

Some attributes that we seek in new dealers are quality character and supplementary traits.  We are always on the lookout for excellent people persons that have a special talent (if I get a magician or comedian to train as a new dealer I know that they will be a perfect fit!).  Fun is our middle name and our dealers are no exception!

Our dealers' qualifications add to the Las Vegas-like experience and their entertaining personality adds to the overall character of your casino party.  With Amerifun, you don't just receive a game facilitator - you receive an amusing individual to "stoke the party"!

Your Amerifun Dealer:

  • Fresh, Upbeat, Professional attitude.

  • Trained to 'Casino Rules', 'Fun Rules' and will show you all the tricks of winning!

  • Capability to Tend to Player Needs.

We also offer flexibility in staffing your casino - numerous cost-effective options available.

Every member of our staff takes great satisfaction in being a true servant to the players, whether it's "talking shop" with the connoisseurs, coaching the novices or tending to player needs.

Our dealers' primary duties are to make guests feel welcome as they approach the table, make the players feel comfortable, explain the rules again and again if needed - and facilitate an entertaining atmosphere as a whole.

In addition to our Dealers' Professional Attitude, we arrive in dark attire (black or blue) to add a bit of elegance to the setting.  And you will always know an Amerifun Dealer from the logo on their shirt or their 'Amerifun Trained' custom I.D. Badges - just like in a casino!

And count on our dealers to enhance the mood!  Regardless of the theme that you are hosting, our sociable and personable dealers can become a part of your theme by dressing in costume, taking on the persona of a character in your theme or just having fun with you!

All special requests welcome.

All of our dealers are trained in-house by us for accuracy and are trained to 'Fun Rules' AND Casino Rules.  And expect us to Know The Rules!  But don't worry... we throw in Jokers, Relaxed Odds, Interactive Trivia and other advantages to INTENSIFY YOUR LUCK!

We use a Genuine Casino Dealer Manual from an actual casino and our dealers need no further instruction.  Since fun is the essence of our business, all staff provided will be lively and highly-skilled casino dealers and trainers.  We make the games fun for the expert as well as the novice! 

Make your next casino event a MOMENTOUS OCCASION with an AMERIFUN Casino Night Party!

 If you are having a holiday party, or just want to be entertained, we recommend ordering all games with staff dealers.

If you are are:
Wanting to add a unique twist to a team-building event or sales promotion;
Organizing a fundraiser and want to offer dealer opportunities;
An institution of learning and want to create more interaction between students, teachers or parents;
Are organizing a Reunion;
Are outside of Wichita;

Then we recommend considering some of our many dealer staffing alternatives.

We offer games With Dealer or Without Dealer. 

  • Game With Dealer from $195.

  • Game with Your Dealer from $120.

  • Temporary Dealers for your games or ours from $69 nationwide.

  • $75 dealers for your own games (if we are providing any other games with or without dealer).

  • Amerifun Staff Dealers from $100 for your own games (if we are providing no games-only dealers).

All Dealers proficient in the game (s) of your choice.

Any games ordered without dealer are incorporated right into your casino - Our Games are 'walk-up ready' for anyone!  Complete training available.