Proven System:

We offer a trouble-free format for the strategy of your casino gaming that comes from long-established techniques that have been tested and enhanced over the last ten years.

With Amerifun, you will receive a well-organized casino party with no confusion.

  • Easy Funds Distribution and Redemption

  • Simple Prize Facilitation Methods

  • Cashier Carts with Free Tellers

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We ensure clear and logical procedures for your guests to buy-in or Cash-out with no uncertainty.

Our free 'Player Vouchers' offer you the means to effortlessly distribute funds to your guests beforehand.  Your guests then take the voucher to a Cashier and receive their fun money.

During evening-end Chip Redemption our dealers have prize opportunities right at the table to always save your guests from waiting in a line.  The Cashier is also available to your guests anytime throughout the event.

Time-tested and Refined.  Not only do we make it easy for your guests to receive their prize opportunities but our methods are common prize methods so guests are probably already familiar with them. Time-tested and refined.

Based on the method you choose, we will include the prize tools right at the tables.  This practice saves guests from having to wait in line at a central location by allowing them to cash-out with their dealer OR with the cashier anytime throughout the event.

Complimentary Cashier Carts on wheels included to optimize your initial funds distribution, guest service and evening-end chip redemption.  Streamlines your smooth-running casino.  We also provide Free Tellers (1 per 100 people) at no additional cost when we are providing all games with dealers at your event.  

Our Tellers will coordinate Initial Funds Distribution as well as Evening-end Redemption and can even distribute initial funds at your specific direction if needed.

  • Using your Spreadsheet to verify guest admission,

  • Receive Donations,

  • Facilitate your Point of Sale Items,

  • Coordinate Variable Amounts per person.

We strive to offer the most Las Vegas-like experience!