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Now Available: Custom Graphic Digital Synthetic Layouts:

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Premium-rate, first-quality CASINO SUPPLIES.

Our first casino night party was in 1997 but we have shopped around since '95 for casino supply merchants.  It's funny how this has grown... In 1995 there were about five suppliers, now in 2008 there are literally about two-thousand and eight suppliers!!

Now what does that tell you?  Not that there are 2,008 manufacturers- that's for sure!  Then AND now, the report is pretty much the same: A handful of US manufacturers and numerous foreign manufacturers; however, nowadays there are thousands of distributors- the industry has really grown.

If you are reading this then you know how to perform an online search.  If you search for "casino supplies" you will be overwhelmed with millions of results.  So what do you do?  You can search link by link but you will notice some companies have one item and not another, or another company has both items but one item is more costly.

You could spend literally hours, and only end up with a long list of suppliers that are roughly the same rate on most items.

Save yourself the time and make one phone call to Amerifun:

We have selected from a variety of suppliers to bring you the best rates at the highest quality.

We offer true casino quality suppliers and accessories as well as economical or carnival-type products.  Please Contact Us for more info or send us a Quote Request.

Some common economy items available are:

  • VERY POPULAR: Traditional 36"X72" Felt Layouts (sold nationally for $29.95 or higher) at a low $15 + shipping from Amerifun.
  • Economical Acrylic Dealing Shoes from $29.95 and Discard Holders from $9.95.
  • Economical Gaming Cheques (Chips) from pennies on the dollar.

If we don't list it, we can get it!

Aprons Chip Spacers Drink Cup Holders Roulette Balls
Baccarat Dealing Shoes Chip Trays Drop Boxes Roulette Finials
Bank Covers Chuck A Lucks Lammers Roulette Indicator Racks
Big Six Clapper Counters Layouts Roulette Markers
Big Six Mirror Craps Rubber Marker Racks Roulette Wheel Covers
Big Six Pins Crowd Control Shields Micrometers Roulette Wheels
Bill Slot Covers Cut Cards Money Paddles Sign Holders
Buttons Dealer Accessories ON/OFF Pucks Slot Machines
Brushes Dealing Shoes Novelties Slot Parts
Cards Dice Pai Gow Supplies Table Hardware
Card Corner Cutters
from $1,795
Dice Calipers Poker Table Bases Tables
Carnival Supplies Dice Bowls Poker Drop Slides  
Chemin De Fer Paddle Dice Punch Poker Tables Toke Boxes
Chips Dice Canceller Poker Trays Token Racks
Chip Fill Carriers Dice Sticks Raffle Drums Vault Cans
Chip Racks Discard Holders Roulette Home-style Wallets

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Blackjack Supplies (New Page 12/28/07):
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Roulette Supplies
Poker Supplies
Bingo Supplies
Other Game Supplies (Red Dog, Baccarat, Pai Gow)
-Used Equipment 
Table Hardware
-Drink Holders
-Drop Boxes
-Table Legs
-Bill Frames/Plungers
-Foam Padding
-Other Hardware 
Poker Chips
-Individual Poker Chips
-Poker Chip Sets
-Custom Poker Chips
-Poker Chip Accessories 
Poker Chip Storage
-Poker Chip Cases
-Poker Chip Carousels
-Poker Chip Trays 
-Playing Cards
-Copag Plastic Cards
-Gemaco Plastic Cards
-Dealing Shoes
-Discard Holders 
Raffle Supplies
-Brass Raffle Drums
-Raffle Tickets 
Dealer Attire
-Dealer Visors
-Bow Ties
-Dealer Aprons
-Change Aprons
-Other Accessories 
Novelty Items
-Slot Machine Banks
-Novelty Dice
-Play Money
-Neon Signs
-Other Items 
Prize Wheels 
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