All Casino Tools Provided:

We provide abundant Fun Money, Gaming Cheques (Chips) and Prize Facilitation Tools.

Our newly redesigned custom fun money, premium chips and prize opportunities add to the Las Vegas-like experience.  With Amerifun - all you have to do is show up!

  • Plentiful crisp 'Fun Money' bills in an assortment of colors for easy designation.  Custom order are also welcomed to personalize your casino.

  • Ample Prize Tools, Fun Money and Chip supply for an 'Auction', 'Gift Shop', Raffle or our simple 'Giveaway'.

  • Signage included to notify players of chip redemption and prize facilitation procedures.

  • The finest Gaming Cheques in the industry.  Only a handful of companies offer true casino-quality chips.  Receive the  exclusivity that you deserve!

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A complete assortment of denominations right on the money to keep you in the money free with every party.  Click on photo to the left for a close-up view of our currency.

Providing an attractive design in unique colors for easy differentiation, and plenty for everyone!!

The bank of your casino with never go broke with denominations up to $100,000.  Blank Cashier Notes (Credit Cheques) are also included.

Info on Custom Fun Money and creating your own
Custom Fun Money Bank.

With Amerifun, all you need do is Show Up!

'Prize Tools' are the hand-on items we include free to aid in the facilitation of your prizes.  'Prize Methods' is the actual method of facilitation.

Whichever prize method you select, all of the tools are included free regardless of the size of your group or number of prizes.

We offer a RAFFLE, AUCTION, GIVEAWAY or GIFT SHOP.  Your own prize facilitation method also welcomed.

Click Here for full Prize Method descriptions

"Increase Incentive"

Regardless of the type of event that you are planning, always include PRIZES in your budget, especially for tournaments.

To 'Get-Folks-Out-Of-The-House' you have to 'Give-Them-Something'!

Free rigid laminated signs with blanks where amounts and info can be written in depending on your needs.

Your players will always know WHEN, HOW and WHY cash-in or out when you allow us to coordinate your casino event.  Complimentary Charitable Fundraiser signs also included as needed.

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With Amerifun, you will always know the size of your bank just by looking down at your hand!  All of our chips have the denomination on them and are not just a solid color!

From the very start, we have the provided pro-style gaming cheques.  Receive custom-manufactured, industry specific cheques with denominations, edge spots and inlays at your next casino event.  Denominations up to $100,000.

You will recognize the quality and appreciate the feel of these fine gaming cheques whether you play on the boats, in Vegas or abroad.  

We go "1267 miles" (the distance of Wichita to Las Vegas!) beyond the competition to provide you with the best available!

We have found that our clients really enjoy the 'Las Vegas-like' atmosphere that these chips provide.  You will notice the smiles on your guests' faces as they experience dazzling
"high stakes" fun!


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Fun Money Denominations:

  • $50     $100     $1000     $5000     $25000     Special Orders Welcome!

Cheque Denominations:
Even our solid colored poker and roulette cheques have "P" or "R" stamped into the cheque.  We use no plain chips.

  • .50c    $1    $2.50     $5     $10     $25     $100     $500     $1000     $5000     $25000     $100000

Chip Capacity:

  • With a substantial cheque inventory, we have the capacity to conduct your large event (over 12,000 pictured left).

This service is 'nation-exclusive' to Amerifun ( among 2007 US Casino Party Providers) and won't cost you a penny more!
PLAQUES_Spread.png (1468526 bytes)

Add a touch of class and originality to the entertainment menu of your own high-profile event with our rectangular high-limit $100,000 Plaque Cheques.  Worthy of the evening's most lucky High Rollers at your fundraisers, corporate party or anytime you want to really let it all ride!

Plaques are typically reserved for Las Vegas' most exclusive high limit salons and never even seen by most of us.

Open up the vault to your crowd of elite players with these plaque cheques (without them having to wager five-thousand dollars cash or more per hand!).