Gaming Cheques


High Quality Chips.

Unlike most casino party companies, we only use the best in the business!

The high- quality gaming cheques that we provide our casino night clients for their events are the absolute finest in the gaming industry.

We use international manufacturers that have been serving the casino industry for more than 20 years, serve 90% of all casinos worldwide and have over 100,000,000 cheques in play.

Artwork that extends to the edge of the cheque and a variety of security features are also available.  You can truly customize these chips to your satisfaction.  The inlay has a large area for a complex design from your image or from a team of artists.  You may select from numerous color patterns and designs.We sincerely believe, however, that our current supplier offers the best quality gaming cheque.

The best advantage of these cheques:  Aside than the inlay being larger and sharper than traditionally available, the cheques are not as porous- therefore they stay cleaner longer.

Here is an example of a design proof provided by our cheque manufacturer.

Any denomination available.  From $1.25/ea., $200 one-time set-up, $75 per denomination changes.

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Unicorn Chips. High-quality and Economical.

Select from 13 colors.  Silver, Gold or Black Hot Stamp is optional.

8.5 Gram.

No Stamp: $.30c/ ea.    Hot Stamp: $.42c/ ea.

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Paulson Gaming Cheques still offered.

If you follow the gaming industry and are familiar with the Paulson/ Bud Jones/ Bourgogne et Grasset merger to form Gaming Partners International (GPI) then you know that they changed their focus somewhat.  GPI now only promotes to casinos except in a very limited fashion (but we'll continue to work on them!).

There were not that many upset party planning companies because only a handful actually used their costly cheques.

We still have over 5,000 Paulson chips left in our inventory that we use at our events and have negotiated to buy more (but in a slightly different design- no trademark top hat and cane) although they do still remain costly.

Receive genuine Paulson Gaming Cheques at your next casino night.

"Be informed on Gaming Cheques"

According to industry sources, casino regulations stipulate a 39 mil. 10 Gram Cheque.  A 44 mil. 13 gram chip is available to the casino market for higher denominations and are not available to the general public.

Novelty 13 gram or more chips available today have a metal slug to add weight.  None of our chips have a slug.  Clients have told us that the slug chips are too heavy and do not feel as "right" as real casino chips (which are 10 gram).

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