Incredible Comps

Create an effortless
residual income!

Do you like it when someone brings real cash greenbacks and slaps them in your hand?

We thought you might!  Our 'Incredible Comps' program is for you!

How it works:  Simply tell your family, friends and co-workers about us (business cards available if you would like) and have them mention your name when they call.  For your generosity, we will pay you a commission*.  Word of mouth is the best advertisement.  Put that swagger to work earning some hard cash!

*Offer valid only on actual in-house services that we provide (includes Casino Parties).

And we will not raise our rates in order to comp you either!

We are offering this service in order to build lasting relationships and to reward you for your loyalty as we may have otherwise missed your generous opportunity.

 Many companies DO NOT offer a referral program and if you bring it up you may get mixed reactions.  We may not have had the business without you and we are happy to compensate you!

Look for us on Prize Patrol with a
'Big Check' for You!

We want to be fair to all involved.  We incur expense in coordinating an event and understand that you may as well.

If a clients contacts us and mentions your name (or you inform us) we will pay you a commission in the amount of  3%*  of the total sale.  For example, if we book a $4,000 party from your simple referral, then we will compensate you One-Hundred Twenty Dollars - all for just recommending us in passing.

*Offer valid only on actual in-house services that we provide (includes Casino Parties).

Typically we pay commissions starting at 3% of the total sale.  If you spend any more of your time (above simply giving out our name and your recommendation) or if you refer numerous clients to us then you will be eligible for a commission greater than 3%.  Please phone us at (316) 821-0202 to discuss your compensation - we appreciate your valuable effort!

Also contact us if you are interested in an 'Outside Sales Position', either full or part-time. 

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